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The Community Institute

Session #4 - Community Economics

October 22 at The Daniel in Brunswick at 8:30-4:30 pm.

Optional social hour until 5:30 p.m.

Cities and towns in Maine are making decisions each day that improve their economic health or unfortunately, can make things harder for community members, businesses and taxpayers. Join this session to learn the facts, the nuts and bolts, the numbers that don't lie, about how we can grow healthy Maine communities and know the costs and benefits of our decisions.

Learn about:

  • decisions our communities make that are good investments for the future
  • the difference between growth and productive growth that builds wealth for our communities
  • how transportation systems can create prosperity in our communities
  • being obsessive about accounting for revenues, expenses, assets, and long term liabilities
  • how our development patterns can create productivity
  • how our communities need leadership that understands these principles
  • resources for your community so that your community can shape its own future
  • how you can empower people to get engaged and involved
  • how to turn ideas into actions
  • how to harness the energy in your community and how to energize your community

Faculty members are Charles Marohn from Strong Towns, Joe Minicozzi from Urban3 LLC, and other state, regional and local leaders. 

$125 per person for extensive 1 day session, includes continental breakfast, lunch and all materials.


The Community Institute

Session #5 -  Farms, Foods and the Conservation Connection (to economic health)

February 4, 2016 in Belfast, Maine

Maine communities have jumped on the band wagon to improve opportunities for farmers and farming. Our community members support conservation efforts.  What are the numbers behind these efforts? How much does farmland, conservation and open space really cost us? How are communities and community members benefitting from these growth patterns?

Learn about

  • the economic value of conservation, farms and locally grown foods
  • the costs and benefits of conservation
  • the farm to table movement
  • the small farm movement
  • the balance between rural land and town centers
  • do we have sprawl in Maine? How does it help or hurt our communities?

Includes extensive networking time to share information, resources, experiences.

$125 per person for 1 day session, includes continental breakfast, lunch and all materials.

The Community Institute

Session #6 - Maine's Millennials: The Entrepreneurial Economy

April 8, 2016 in Brunswick, Maine

Maine's communities are seeing a return of young people in the 20 to 40 year old age range.  Who are these folks, why are they coming back, what brings them here and what can we do to keep them here? Learn about this growing trend of Maine's Millennials and their enormous economic, social and political impact on our communities.

Learn about:

  • which communities are seeing an influx of 20-40 year olds
  • what communities have that attracts millennials
  • what millennials want and need to be successful
  • how millennials spend their time and their money
  • and much, much more.

$125 per person for complete 1 day session includes continental breakfast, lunch and all materials.